Automated data collection
and analysis for clinical specialists

Our advanced technology uses artificial intelligence and deep domain expertise
to enhance the delivery of highly specialized clinical practices.

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Today’s patient data is not always easy to work with

Today’s patient data is fragmented, spanning many different IT screens, unstructured written notes and complex lab results. This makes it difficult for clinicians to get a full picture of each patient without an unrealistic investment of effort in collecting, collating and analysing hundreds – or even thousands – of different data points.


Our technology gives clinicians deep insights into patients


We have used advanced technologies such as open integration, natural language processing, rule-based reasoning, and machine learning to build a platform that automates the processing and analysis of huge volumes of clinical data in near-real time.

Using in-built medical expertise our technology uncovers critical insights hidden in clinical notes that could otherwise be missed.

Giving time-pressed medical specialists the confidence to make decisions based a meticulous and thorough reading of all available data.

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Open Integration

Natural Language Processing

Rule-based Reasoning

Machine Learning

How it works

In combination our technologies work together to reduce manual data collection
and analysis by up to 90% for high value clinical specialists.

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Clinical system

Enabling a suite of specialised
clinical support systems

Our core platform provides a powerful data hub for the rapid creation of clinical support systems for a wide range of specialisms.

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Open, Easy to deploy,
Scalable and Secure

As a healthcare technology company, we take our ethical and architectural responsibilities extremely seriously. We are not a general-purpose IT services or software company, but a specialised medical technology company that understand the unique demands of healthcare.

  • Open

    We take advantage of open industry standards for both healthcare and technology and build on proven and widely used open-source technologies.

  • Easy to deploy

    Our technologies are packaged for simple deployment and work seamlessly with your existing EHR system through direct data connections.

  • Scalable

    Our architecture is built for deployment to hospitals of all sizes, running in smaller institutions but also working in large multi-hospital chains.

  • Secure

    Our technology is secure, privacy focused and packaged for easy and secure deployment into your on-premise or cloud infrastructure of choice.

Our system

Deliver risk-free clinical
innovation in your hospital today

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