Protect patients
from unnecessary infection

HAIDI uses artificial intelligence to help hospitals reduce the incidence
of damaging healthcare associated infections.

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The global challenge of Healthcare Associated Infections

Healthcare associated infections are the most frequent adverse event in healthcare delivery around the world, affecting hundreds of millions of patients each year.

Their impact includes not only significant loss of life and extended hospital stays, but also huge financial losses for national healthcare systems and the growth of antibiotic resistant infection strains.

Introducing HAIDI

HAIDI works with your existing EHR system


HAIDI works with your existing EHR system to completely transform the process of confronting and combating healthcare acquired infections.

Working alongside infection prevention and hygiene teams, HAIDI continually collects and analyses all available healthcare data to discover and highlight infections and their causes.

Product features


How HAIDI can help



Enables highly targeted interventions that tackle root causes


Provides the data needed to fight antibiotic resistance.


Detects up to 5x more HAIs than traditional approaches


Eliminates up to 90% of the data collection and analysis tasks


Protects patients from unnecessary illness and mortality


Saves the significant costs of HAI incidents for hospitals.

HAIDI Features

HAI Identification

HAIDI reads and understands all electronic health records (including free text clinical notes written by physicians and nurses) and identifies potential HAIs.

  • List of potential HAIs delivered in near real-time
  • Detects all major HAIs defined by ECDC (EU), CDC (US), KISS (DE)
  • Uncovers HAI indicators hidden within free-text clinical notes
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HAIDI creates reports for healthcare specialists, clinical departments, hospitals or groups of hospitals with just one click, providing deep insights into the sources of infection within the health system.

  • Detailed analysis of pathogens causing HAIs
  • Monitoring and surveillance of evolving HAI patterns
  • Easy sharing of HAI status with departments and hospital management
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Risk factors analysis

HAIDi automatically collects data on confirmed infections and identifies the risk factors that increase their likelihood, helping to target preventive action.

  • Early warnings about emerging risk factors
  • Monitoring of trends in risk factors’ severity
  • Discover and explore risk factors in detail
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Antibiotic stewardship

Automated analysis of textual microbiology reports providing patterns of antibiotic resistance and susceptibility for each tested pathogen.

  • One-click hospital and departmental antibiograms
  • Monitor trends in antibiotic resistance
  • Search for epidemiologically serious strains of pathogens
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Simple, secure,
and private deployment.

HAIDI is securely deployed within your infrastructure of choice and is built to work seamlessly with your existing EHR. Making it easy to install, easy to integrate and secure by design.

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Successfully fighting
infections in leading hospitals

Nemocnice Jihlava

HAIDi is a great application, that has helped us a lot with surveillance of healthcare-associated infections. We do not have to review health records manually and we can focus on infection prevention in individual departments. I cannot imagine that we should return to our original way of surveillance. Mgr. Petra Vavřinová
Leading Infection Control Nurse

Nemocnice Nové Město na Moravě

HAIDI is a user-friendly software with great variability of statistical outputs which has brought an enormous time savings for the infection prevention team. It has enabled us to involve larger number of medical staff and thus create feedback for individual departments which leads to higher motivation to increase the quality of care. Šárka Vidergotová
Infection Control Nurse

 Krajská zdravotní

HAIDi has brought us data, which we can effectively use to set up targeted preventive measures at specific departments of our healthcare facilities. We can focus on each type of healthcare-associated infection and our cooperation with clinicians has been taken to a completely different level. For hospital hygiene, it is important to collect relevant data about healthcare-associated infection, so we can then work with it and present it to both clinicians and hospital's management.  Mgr. Dana Vaculíková
Head of Department of hospital hygiene

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Our philosophy

We believe that improving one life, by giving the right data to the right medical specialist at the right time, is worth more than a world of undeliverable hype about healthcare transformation.

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