Tailored solutions

Delivering text mining services, applications and models that suit your needs.

What we do

  • We develop and deliver
    innovative solutions in text mining.
  • We combine advanced natural language processing (NLP) with domain knowledge in the form of ontologies and machine learning.
  • We are able to extract information from texts with high precision, classify texts, prepare predictive models and much more.
  • Our solutions are based on solid research results.
  • We have experience with text mining from several areas in many languages.
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What you can do

  • Analyze clients' emails, classify them and extract relevant information about clients.
  • Process notes from your salesmen to get structured information about your clients.
  • Automatically process your contracts, extract important information into a database. You can also search for them in a web application.
  • Classify documents in a large document storage solution to separe junk files from the important ones. Suitable also for legal counselling.
  • Working in healthcare? You can analyze information hidden in medical records and then search for patients with specific conditions or laboratory results.
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One of our products

Drug Encyclopedia

Drug Encyclopedia is a modern web application and a source of information about drugs. It combines data from various data sources from the Czech Republic and abroad. It is more comprehensive than the traditional sources of information. The users can search for active ingredients, medicinal products, ATC groups etc. Moreover, the user may check the potential interactions among the list of specified drugs. Since it is a well-arranged application, the users usually rate it high for its user friendliness.

The application has been awarded
2nd place in the European Linked Data Award 2015.