I’m HAIDi, an AI-powered assistant. Let’s fight against HAI together.

What is HAIDi?

HAIDi completely changes abilities of hospitals to fight healthcare-associated infections (HAI). HAIDi is an AI-powered assistant which automatically reads all available electronic health records in a hospital, looks for HAIs and identifies specific risk factors leading to HAIs.

Why should we bother with HAIs?

1.7 million infected patients
in the USA

99.000 dead patients
in the USA

$ 30 billion estimated costs
in the USA

This is a bill for healthcare-associated infections per year. Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are infections acquired during provision of healthcare. HAIs involve, e.g., surgical-site infection or catheter-related urinary tract infections. HAIs are considered as adverse events which significantly prolong admissions, cause discomfort and may lead to deaths of patients. These are only few reasons why to track and analyze HAIs.

Find up to 5 times more HAIs with me.

benefits of using HAIDi

HAIDi helps to:

    • save valuable time of qualified experts spent on HAIs surveillance,
    • increase the number of identified HAIs and get closer to the real incidence of HAIs,
    • identify specific risk factors of HAIs,
    • create targeted prevention programs and save costs related to HAIs treatment,
    • automatically generate detailed reports and benchmarks of HAIs occurrence across departments or hospitals.
How HAIDi works?

HAIDi has been developed for hospitals with hospitals. Its knowledge is based on clinical experience, real data from clinical practice and advanced algorithms combining expert systems with artificial intelligence.

HAIDi automatically reads all admission notes, daily progress notes, consultation notes, surgical protocols, RTG descriptions, lists of medication and more. It does not leave out laboratory results. All information potentially related to HAI are put into a timeline which is then used in a model evaluating the presence of an HAI.

HAIDi is deployed and works inside a hospital. Data are not transferred outside a hospital.


Hospital Jihlava

The first implementation of HAIDi which runs on hospital-wide data and helps with HAI surveillance. We closely cooperate with Hospital Jihlava in the Czech Republic.

Hospital Kyjov

HAIDi pilot project for identification of HAIs with a validation phase.

Havlíčkův Brod

HAIDi pilot project for identification of HAIs with a validation phase.
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